Online services

In the rapidly developing world with Internet technologies, the Real Estate House could not ignore online services. Each resident of the city of Kharkov can use these services:

Plan your visit

You can plan your visit online and sign up for an electronic queue without leaving your home. To do this, just use the convenient functionality on our website.

About Real Estate House

It is very difficult and time-consuming to obtain and execute documents for real estate. This problem was solved in Kharkov. Now all issues related to real estate can be quickly and efficiently resolved using a single platform "House of Real Estate". This is the first project of its kind in Ukraine, which will unite not only KP "BTI", but also specialized departments.

Real Estate House Tasks

"House of Real Estate" strives to make the life of Kharkiv residents comfortable and free from bureaucracy and stereotypes. For this, clear work standards have been developed and modern technologies are used:

  • - global optimization of the existing system;
  • - reducing the time for processing and obtaining various documents;
  • - maximum range of services in one place;
  • - professionalism and 100% guarantee of the result;
  • - high quality of service;
  • - full transparency, accessibility and equal conditions for all.

We are constantly improving and introducing new services to make people's lives easier!